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These dishes are made by us and we have them warm and ready to take them away with you. They are excellent to have a Mexican meal "ready to eat" at home. Our petit restauration in both places is open for take away and deliveries (Brussels area).


Monday to Friday 11:30 to 14:00

We also have Tortas (sandwich mexicain) available all day long!

In Woluwe, we open at dinner time too:

Thursday and Saturday 18:00 to 21:00

Friday 17:30 to 21:00

You could reserve these dishes via this website or come directly to the shop. When you raise your order here, please indicate your preferred day and time to pick it up on the "comments" field at the moment of your payment. You could also ask for planned delivery in the Brussels area (after 19:00). A member of our staff will come back to confirm this as soon as possible

In our DIY section in this website, there are other items to complement you meal such as extra beans, rice, pineapple, etc. Please take a look at them, perhaps you could find something interesting there too.

Please note that for deliveries via mail outside Brussels area, only tortillas, totopos, tostadas and chilis could be send. However if you would to have a Mexican meal ready to take away, you could always come during the weekend.

Te estamos esperando!

²Prices include tax

Use the arrows right/left to see more options

Entradas - Starters
Platos Fuertes - Main Dishes
Platos Fuertes Vegetarianos - Vegetarian Main Dishes
Tortas - Mexican Sandwiches
Postres - Desserts
Bebidas - Drinks
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